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Student Expectations

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Student ExpectationsThe following 15 items are the result of a survey taken by students in the English Summer Camp program regarding their expectations. Knowing what students themselves want is a great help in planning worthwhile and successful activities.

1. I hope the teacher can correct my pronunciation.

2. I hope the teacher will show me the way a foreigner thinks.

3. I hope the teacher can help enhance my interest towards English learning through vivid methods, such as games, songs, short plays, stories, etc.

4. I want to know something about western culture.

5. I hope the teacher will not use complicated words and sentences that prevent me from understanding.

6. I hope the teacher will not speak too fast.

7. I don't want the teacher to encourage "free" discussion a lot. In that situation only students with better capability talk, which will reduces the chances for shy students. If I am a shy student, I want the teascher to give me some "push".
Working in Pairs

8. I want to learn "real" English with slang and idioms.

9. I hope the teacher will not follow the textbook rigidly. Better bring something of life and culture into the class.

10. I want to experience the native like class.

11. I want well-prepared and well-organized class.

12. I hope the teacher will give me correction and evaluation as well as encouragment.

13. I want to know the kind of English that is not used to pass exams.

14. I think systematic teaching in a free-chatting way for the students to learn the spirit of the language is the perfect.

15. I want to meet a kind, warmhearted and inspiring teacher.