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Airline Reservations

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We have made arrangements with an old friend, Jane Huang, to help us make the best international travel arrangements for you.

If you are going on a pre-teaching tour, you should tell Jane which one you will be on -she knows the dates. Jane arranges for your transportation from Tucson (or wherever) to Los Angeles (our departure city) to Shanghai. On the return Jane will arrange for the flight from Shanghai to Los Angeles to Tucson (or wherever). The cost of your tickets from Shanghai to Beijing to Xian and on to Wuhan are included in the cost of the tour. You will pay Jane directly for flights not included in the tour.

If you are not going on a tour, you will need flights from your home city to Los Angeles to Shanghai and on to Wuhan. You will also need tickets from Wuhan to Shanghai to Los Angeles to your home city. It is possible that your flight into Shanghai will arrive too late for you to go directly on to Wuhan so you might need Jane to arrange an overnight for you. Of course, you may make whatever other arrangements suit you best -some people fly into Beijing and then on to Wuhan and then Wuhan to Beijing for the flight to the U.S. Talk it over with Jane by telephone or -better -by email.

Jane can be reached as follows:

Jane Huang
PTS Travel
533 S. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park, CA. 91754
Tel: (626) 300-3888
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it